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Eurasian Union: Is It a 'Genuine' Integration or is a Mediator of Russia's New Hegemony?
This study will discuss the extent of conflict between the intended political and economic integration and altered political borders, in Transnistria or somewhere else, through future referendums which will be realized using the Russian minority as an excuse - like in Crimea, by explicating the implications of the political crises caused by the expansionist policies or the search for establishing new hegemonies of the Russian Federation within a new-colonialist rhetoric following the 2008 Georgian War, for the Eurasian Union. Additionally, within the political crises in Ukraine and Crimea, the detached attitude of the Russian Federation both against the EU and the USA and the stance it takes and its attitude against the former republics of the Soviet Union, which do not want to participate to Eurasian Union, will be evaluated using Carl Schmitt’s ‘friend-enemy’ distinction. One other topic which will be discussed is whether Turkey can be included in the Eurasian Union and the political implications of its inclusion or uninclusion during the aforementioned integration process.

Neo-colonialist rhetoric, integration, hegemony, friend-enemy distinction

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