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Bir Yönetişim Konusu Olarak Büyük Spor Organizasyonlarının Mirası: Trabzon’dan bir Vaka Calışması
The hosting of large-scale sports events is usually identified with a short period of enthusiasm for residents and improved city infrastructure. However, negative and unexpected outcomes such as enormous debts, underused facilities or discontented communities may also come to the agenda in the aftermath of the events. Thus, the early praise for the events may fade away in time, or conversely, widely criticized events may begin to be approved by residents when they establish a more positive legacy than first thought. Grassroots sports participation and positive changes in public life are two significant legacies of major sports events to ensure their success in the long-term. This paper focuses on the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) Trabzon 2011 Games and examines its two legacies—grassroots sports participation and public life—four years after the Games. The data were collected through semi-structured, open-ended interviews, and a total of 50 interviews based on a mix of purposive and convenience sampling were conducted. The results revealed an increase in grassroots sport participation and the emergence of a new mentality in the city. <

Legacy, Grassroots sports participation, European Youth Olympic Festival, Public Life, Sense of Plac

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