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1942 and 1943 Earthquakes of Erbaa
In this study, the effects of 1942 and 1943 Earthquakes of Erbaa which is a township in Tokat County have been examined. Especially 1942 Earthquake of Erbaa was considerably effective and caused serious loss of life and property. Meanwhile the effects of 1942 Earthquake of Erbaa mentioned in Niksar and Almus which are two other two townships in Tokat County. The loss of life in the earthquake of 1943 was no less than the earthquake of 1942. Both earthquakes were in the winter season and this caused difficult conditions for citizens. After the earthquakes, Government tried to aid and to relief the effect of earthquakes in that area. It is necessary to mention that the aids of people were in important degree.<

Erbaa, Earthquake, Aids, Loss of Life and Property, the aids of Government

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