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According to Notes of Osman Fikret Topalli: Folk Music in Giresun: Baglama, Saz and Other Instrument Players
The Eastern Black Sea Region is distinguished from the other regions of Anatolia with its peculiar climate, people and its specific location on the migration routes. The region also shows variety within itself. The type of settlement in the region and founding of the settlements is based on the valley patterns and peculiar topography of the valley systems in the region. Each valley, accordingly, 's different from the other valleys in several aspects. This study interprets and evaluates the written records complied by Osman Fikret Topalli. Topalli's notes give information about early 20th century folk music, which represents the folk culture of Giresun people. Giresun is a northeastern town of Anatolia that has been settled by indigenous Çepni Turks since 12th century. The bulk of Topallı's records consists of direct interviews with related persons; the rest of the records rely on witness accounts and experiences. This compilation is a valuable, unique and interesting source of information about the bağlama and saz artists and the other instrument players in the Giresun and its vicinity; and thus, the analysis of these records will certainly be a valuable addition to the literature. <

Osman Fikret Topallı, Giresun, folk music, bağlama (saz), kemanche

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