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Yugoslavia in the Second World War (1939-1945) “Croatian Ustashes, Serbian Chetniks and Communist Partisans”
In this article the Partisan movement under the control of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia along with fascist Croat Ustasha and Serbian Chetnik movements that are taking action to achieve their national plans will examine in the Second World War. In the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, which maintained its political existence between 1918 and 1941, the dispute over the political structure of the state could not be resolved and there was a political conflict between the Croats demanding that the state be regulated in a federalist manner and the Serbs advocating a centrist state structure. The Croats struggled to gain their federal rule in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, while the Serbs struggled to pass the Great Serbian project along with the decentralized state structure. Lived political conflict weakened the legitimacy of the state. With the beginning of World War II, the Croats supported the fascist Ustasha regime and the Serbs supported the Çetnik movement, which was trying to achieve Great Serbian ideal in order to realize its national programs. Apart from this movement, the Partisans under the control of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia have struggled to establish a communist state based on federalism in terms of political structure.

Yugoslavia, Croatian Ustashes, Serbian Chetniks, Communist Partisans, Second World War

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